Phaedra the Equus Prime (Colossus #4)

Phaedra the Equus Prime (Colossus #4)

February 21, 2011  |  SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS

In a closed valley, accessible only from a small crack in the montains, lies Phaedra, the fourth Colossus. This is the Colossus with the worst gameplay: the puzzle to get it on its knees is not natural to pull off, neither is well designed in my opinion. Nonetheless, the fact that it’s almost completely carved in stone makes of it one of the most beautiful and artsy. This set has been created via PCSX2 Emulator running at 1920×1080, Ps2 textures rendering x4, Hardware Antialiasing x1, OFFSET HACK enabled to remove some shading issues, ELIOTCOUGAR’S HACK enabled to remove the disturbing Team Ico’s signature-bloom. Last update: January 2012.


  1. Oh! and I thought only I thought Phaedra one of the most beautiful Colossi! I used walkthrough so I had no problems with the puzzle: 3 hahahah amazing photos, really the best site I found!

  2. Dirgehashiseyesonyou

    I absolutely LOVE Phaedra!!!!!!! It is one of my FAVORITE colossi! I especially love it’s voice!!!! And Phaedra doesn’t even look like the fighting type! It looks like it just wants to play hide ‘n’ seek!!! But you’re forced to kill the beautiful, cute, colossi anyway : , ( if I had chosen to be a Colossi I would choose Phaedra or Dirge > w < .


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