Halo 3 Chronicles | Sierra 117

Halo 3 Chronicles | Sierra 117

May 24, 2011  |  HALO 3

Screenshots from Halo 3, Sierra 117 chapter. Photos grabbed by in-game photo-mode. I added a coat of extra smoothing and antialiasing via software for a better 1080p final outcome. Don’t forget to check also this chapter’s Postcards and Covenant Files [this set was fully reworked on September 2011 with extra stuff and tags added]


  1. Nemesis Divina

    Whoa! I do clearly remember that this game looked (at the time of its release) like a piece of crap with a lot of bump-mapping. But now it looks freakin’ great. What’s the secret?

    • Bungie renders my pics at 1080p with antialiasing added. So, all the good of the pic is even more good after Bungies’ treatment. And that’s all I can say :)


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