Wipeout HD Fury Tracks | Modesto Heights

Wipeout HD Fury Tracks | Modesto Heights

August 29, 2011  |  WIPEOUTHD

So, Wipeout’s back on EBS and we have to thank Playstation Network’s hacking for this present I must say. It has been a pleasure to discover again and again how beautiful this game can be. In my old Wipeout HD galleries I posted a maximum of 8-10 photos each, thinking quality was better than quantity. But now that I am a little bit more used to Wipeout photo-mode I wanna try to post good AND informative screenshots as well. As I’m doing for my Halo series, I’ll try to include in my next galleries some more ships-dedicated photos but also weapons and explosions stuff. Plus, of course, my signature aesthetics-focused pics.

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  1. Glorious stuff, indeed. Thank you: now I feel the urge to recharge my PSP and play Wipeout Pure all night long as I used to do some time ago :-P

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