The Bevelle Chapter Part #01 | The Wedding and The Aeons' Face-Off

The Bevelle Chapter Part #01 | The Wedding and The Aeons’ Face-Off

April 23, 2012  |  FINAL FANTASY X

Tidus and friends arrive in Bevelle just in time to stop the wedding between Yuna and Seymour. Yuna wanted to ‘send’ Seymour during the cerimony and runs away riding Valefor, reaching the temple and getting her new aeon Bahamut in the process. Yuna’s path and her friends’ split for a brief moment: while Yuna fights the summoner Isaaru and his aeons, Tidus & Co. are going to face the boss Evrae Altana, a zombiefied version of Evrae. I decided to split the Bevelle chapter in two parts because there was too much good stuff to propose you, and despite this you’ll find 40+ screenshots of my usual quality and editing in this photo-set. The next will be fully focused on the fight versus Seymour Natus and Mortibody. These screenshots were taken via Pcsx2 emulation (Ps2 textures rendering x4, Hardware AAx3, 1080 vertical px) in 4:3 ratio (as the original game), but there are a few shots (mainly in-battle pics) I decided to cut in 16:9 ratio for a more cinematic effect (variable sizes).

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